What Are The Features of Dynamics GP 2013?


Microsoft released the Dynamics GP 2013 in December last year, and it was one of three products that were expected to release in that month. First being the second release of Dynamics AX 2012, the enterprise resource planning solution; and an update to Q4 Dynamics CRM. Microsoft’s ERP solution is expected to become available for the retail, manufacturing, distribution, services and public sector. Dynamics GP 2013 was released on Wednesday and it was only for the English-speaking countries, however the Latin-American and French-Canadian editions would soon be available in 2013.One of the biggest selling points of the product is considered to be the new web client. The customers will now be able to access the Dynamics GP 2013 by using a rich and innovative web client. So, whether the users are at home, in the office, or on the move, they will be able to get all the information they want on the device they prefer. This amazing flexibility not only improves productivity at the work front, but also promotes new inspirations and innovations. Some of the other features offered by the Dynamics GP 2013 are as follows:Easier cash flow management: The dynamic forecasting tools as well as the customizable views allow you to predict, monitor, and control the outflows and inflows.National accounts: This feature allows you to identify the national account relationship that exists between several users. The main customer can be identified as the ‘parent’ account while the additional users can be added as the child account. This feature enables the payments received from the main national account to be applied across the multiple user accounts. This also makes it easier to apply the credit documents from the child accounts to the other members.Vendor consolidations: The quick transfer of information between the ‘receivables’ and ‘payables’ make it easier to create and maintain the customer records or vendor records based on the information.Grant management: This is another amazing feature that allows the public sector and not-for-profit organizations to computerize the grant management processes to make it easier to track funds, display accountability, and assist draw future funding.Lockbox processing: It allows users to routinely import and apply the payment information of customers directly from the lockbox transaction file offered by the bank. This feature allows receivables information in a reliable fashion, improves the availability of funds and provides protection against fraud.Expense/ revenue deferrals: This feature simplifies the process of deferring revenues and distributing the expenses to enable the entries for future within the fields of Receivables Management, General Ledger, Purchase Order Processing, Sales Order Processing, Payables Management, and Invoicing.Position control: This intuitive feature enables the users to manage the human resources and the labor budgets based on the particular job functions. It allows you to apply data through the Payroll system in order to enforce the business rules that help manage the use of workforce or human resources within the organization.Some of the other features of Dynamics GP 2013 worth mentioning are Microsoft forecaster, service call management, preventive management, depot management, manufacturing suite, distribution suite, bills of materials, payroll connect and so on.


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